Bake like a Turkish Housewife

I didn’t post yesterday. That is because I decided that I would bake instead. I woke up in the morning with my  children moaning about their packed lunches. They were sick of eating the same sandwiches every day. Not necessarily my fault as they are all so fussy and all three want different things all the time and I get fed up with  it all. So I dedicated yesterday to baking and made a total of 64 pogacas. 64. So proud I was of myself for making so many that I put 20 of the best in the freezer. Kids put 6 each aside for their packed lunches (they were quite small) and we ate the rest. I was guilty of eating most of them. I guess all this low carb eating had me craving the white stuff. So I had some with my tea at about lunch time (how very Turkish of me) and some with a can of coke later on (not so very Turkish). So yummy they were that by the time my husband came home in the evening there were only 2 left. I had to take out the 20 from the freezer for him to have for his lunch.

Do you think my husband was impressed? Of course not, “my mum used to make pogacas for us all the time, we always had something baked, poagacas, cakes, boreks….”.

You see what I am up against?

So today house is a mess, you would have a hard time believing that I am the Turkish Housewife if you were to see the state that it is in right now. I do have a yummy dinner planned though, moussaka with bulgur pilav and a Turkish salad. I will try and tidy up a bit too.

Healthy eating also went out of the window yesterday. I wonder if I can make up for it today.



Edit: I burnt the moussaka didn’t I? Whole house stinks. It was looking so good and I was so proud of it, but you know what they say, pride comes before a fall. I guess it’s sucuk toast for dinner tonight.

Housewife tip: Always always always use a timer!

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