So this Monday morning I decided to ignore Monday morning mess and go straight to the kitchen. I have to say that it has been a pretty productive morning. I took out some mince (well a huge chunk, I must have got bored separating it before freezing) and so used that to make some borek and pasta. I also made another sulu yemek (stew). So cooking wise I have been a very good housewife today.  I will also upload a recipe for my borek now, so I can check blogging off my list. If only the house was clean too…

My mum had always taught me to use a milk based mixture in my boreks, but I have recently sussed out that yoghurt works better, so I really wanted to try that out today. I wish someone had told me this before. I find that other Turkish housewives don’t really want to share their secret tips with others, which is why I will try my best to share as many tips with you as I can.  The world of the internet is a Godsend for the struggling housewife. On starting this blog I have discovered so many new recipes, cleaning pages and blogs on the internet. I need never struggle again.

The one thing I do know for sure is that I don’t know much, but what I do know I will gladly share with anyone who will listen 🙂

Here are my boreks, ready for hubby and kids to take as packed lunches tomorrow:

Ela’s Borek

And the reason why one is halved is for you to see what it looks like inside, plus I ate the other half 🙂

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