Developing Your Child’s Vocabulary

There’s no doubt about it, children with parents who have the most sophisticated vocabulary are the ones who grow up to have the most sophisticated vocabulary. Children will learn by your example and the words you use everyday are so important, so first step, better your use of language and your children will follow suit.

Step 2, of which you are all aware, is for your child to read. One thing I am guilty of along with other parents is that I stop reading with my children when they have learnt to read. It’s great if your child is able to read alone and hopefully for pleasure, but learning from what they have read becomes manyfold if you read together and have the opportunity to discuss what you have read. This is not something that you have to do everyday, but doing it a couples of times a week or more will greatly increase your child’s understanding.

Step 3, actively learn new words. My children have vocabulary books in which we write new words and their definitions. Writing new words down in a book gives us the opportunity to go back to the word at a later date and revise the word.

I use vocabulary cards like these to learn new words, but you can also find them online or even just from a dictionary.

Once we have learnt a selection of words, I use an online crossword maker to test my children’s knowledge. I find crosswords are the best way to revise new vocabulary. 

You can find an online crossword maker at

I hope you have found this useful, a love (and understanding) of reading really can help set your child up for life.

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