Happy Housewife

Yesterday was a really busy day for me. I worked on my blog (I now have share buttons and a facebook page – yay!) I got some cleaning done.

I made my pogacas and finally got to update the pics. It’s not looking too bad, but as I am not of the selfie taking generation I do need to improve my photo taking skills. I still need to buy some pretty plates too, and yes they are still on my to-buy list. Perhaps in the new years sales… Most serious Turkish housewives will have a proper ‘dinner set’ with everything included. They’ll usually acquire one of these when they first get married. These sets are usually to-die-for beautiful, but I don’t have one. Someone get the violins out. Mind you, there is one good reason for not having one of these beautiful sets and that is how you would feel if someone was to accidentally break one of your beautiful plates; I can imagine that that would really hurt!

I also helped my children with their studying in the evening which was really productive. I read with my girls. We have now moved onto more challenging texts. I recommended that we read Jane Eyre together (my favourite classic) instead she borrowed Jane Austin’s Emma from the library, because the librarian recommended it and it was new. So we read a chapter or so every night and my poor daughter doesn’t understand a thing, so after every paragraph we go over what has happened. I think it is helping her and I am really enjoying it too. Who needs to pay for audiobook subscriptions when you have children? 🙂

So at the end of the day I crashed out on the sofa exhausted and thought, wow, I am actually happy today.

Now I really must go and clean the bathroom. I have been putting it off for days. Nothing says Turkish housewife like a clean and fresh smelling bathroom. I just spash a whole load of bathroom cleaner, bleach and water around. I then use old towels to dry. I also use these for streak free cleaning, they are also good for shiny surfaces and windows:



Right I am really am off now, that bathroom won’t clean itself – though I wish it would!



2 thoughts on “Happy Housewife

  1. My ‘nice’ dinning set, and tea cups & coffee cup sets – the ones my mother in law insisted I buy when I first got married over 5 years ago (for guests-what’s guests?!) are still in the TV unit in the lounge. Unused – what’s that all about! I’m totally getting them out and putting them to use!

    Actually, they’re not that nice 😂 but thanks for the reminder!

    Loving the blog C x

    • turkishhousewife says:

      I would like to give you a rational answer as to why the set needs to be kept in the TV unit… but I can’t 🙂 My mum still has cups and plates in her display cabinet and they are not even pretty or expensive, just random tat that she wont let me get rid of.

      Enjoy using your ‘not so nice’ misafir set, at least it won’t hurt so much if someone accidently (or on purpose) breaks them.

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