It’s the Holidays!

But I have realised that there is nothing much for me to be happy about. My workload has doubled.

I always start the holidays with such enthusiasm and happiness, but it didn’t take long for me this time to work out that there is nothing great about the holidays. I started off feeling relaxed about the housework and cooking. I thought I could have lazy days too… then on about the third morning I got up and looked at my messy house and thought, no, actually this isn’t much fun! Who is going to clean this house eventually if not me?

So I returned to my usually routine of cooking and cleaning, except this time the cleaning and laundry load had doubled and I had to keep on top of it all.

The lie-ins that I was so looking forward to just ended up making my feel groggy and gave me headaches.

Oh an the kids, they are another matter, why can’t they all just get along?!

I have also put on weight, but I guess that is what the new year is for.

Anyway don’t mind my moaning, I hope that those of you who are ‘on holiday’ are finding a way to have your cake and eat it.

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