Monday Morning Mess

If you are a working parent then you probably spend a lot of your weekend catching up with the housework and this will not apply to you.

My house is by far the messiest on a Monday morning. It’s usually a good sign, it means that we have been busy having fun as a family.

If yours is the same then you now have two options:

1 – You can make sure that you have had such a good time at the weekend that the Monday morning mammoth task of getting back on track with the cleaning won’t bother you so much.

2- Don’t have fun at the weekend and keep at the cleaning like you would normally do.

I don’t know about you but I choose option 1. Yes I love having a clean and mess free house, but there is a reason for that; it is because I want a happy and homely home for my family. I also want my house to be a lively and social place for friends and family to meet and that is a priority. There is no point in having a clean house if you are not going to use it to entertain guests. I want to create a relaxed environment for all who visit the Aydin household.

Wow – I think I have even surprised myself there, I didn’t realise how much of a Turkish Housewife I really am!

Perhaps this really is my calling.

Right I am off to get on with the housework, that we had fun all weekend no one will ever know…

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