No Pain, No Spiritual Gain?

I know I am way off topic here, but recently I have been feeling pretty low, like I have been carrying a pain in my chest and I’m struggling to shake it off. Which got me thinking.

Of two things in life I am certain. One is death and the other is pain. (If pain is certain, is happiness too you might wonder?)

A long time ago a work colleague recommended a book with such passion that I went off and bought it straight away. Back then when I read it, I didn’t think much of it. Last night I came across this book again and thought I would give it another go, perhaps there was something I had missed the first time around? I am also a lot older and perhaps wiser now. I haven’t got very far with the book but I can tell you that it is about life, destiny and choices. I realised something whilst reading the book that hadn’t occurred to me before: you only really start to question your life when you are unhappy. Feeling pain is the one thing that gets you thinking about your life and your destiny; whether you are doing the right things and where your life is going. When you are happy, you live in a bubble, and as long as you are in this bubble you don’t feel the need to make any changes to who you are and what you are doing.

If you look at pain in this way, it takes on a new light. Pain becomes not only desirable but a key part in human development. I can see why pain is a certainty in life, without it we would not be able to make changes and move forward.

I’m still struggling to get rid of this feeling, but in understanding that it has a purpose, I hope it will help to keep me going. This blog entry would not have existed without it.

And the book? The Alchemist by Paul Coelho.


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