No Shoes Please – We are Turkish

There are two things that us Turks, and particularly us Turkish housewives, refuse to conform to, and the first is the wearing of shoes at home. No, no, no and no. No. Please. And really, why would you? It’s really a huge issue for us. Everytime I have a new non-Turkish guest I have to ask them in the politest way to take their shoes off. Some are OK with this, but some make the biggest fuss.

For delivery men they now have the excuse that it is a health and safety issue. Well for me, you bringing in all the dirt from outside really is a health and safety issue too. 

If it so happens that someone manages to enter a Turkish house with their shoes on, then some poor person will then have to clean the floor after they have left, carefully calculating where they have stepped.

I once made the mistake of asking a fellow Turk if I should take my shoes off when entering their home (the house looked a bit shabby so I thought they might have been a bit more relaxed). Big mistake, I really offended them!

So shoes off please, for us it really is a big deal.

Oh and the second issue, leaving dish soap on dishes as opposed to rinsing it all off. Very puzzling indeed…

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