Ramblings of a Turkish Housewife

It’s midway through the school year, spring is almost here and I am keeping busy. I have realised that having a lot to do isn’t necessary a bad thing, it keeps the mind busy. I always have work to get on with and can at least never complain that I am bored. I guess there is a lot to be happy about.

Blogwise I have been getting the most random spam messages in my comments! These spammers are getting very clever in their generic comments, I get comments such as ‘you make an interesting point!’ and ‘I have been looking into this subject myself!’ One fooled me once I must admit, so I did let one get through the net. I have given myself a slap on the wrist and have learnt from my mistakes.

Housework wise, my house is currently looking very messy. There’s just too much to do and I do sometimes just go through a phase of not caring. Don’t worry though, after a while the mess gets to me and I go back to being a good housewife again. I am also trying to get some gardening in, so if its a choice between gardening or housework I tend to choose the gardening, I try to take every little bit of happiness where I can find it. If I do get some unannounced guests, I’ll just have to sit them in the garden.

Online I have joined many different Facebook groups. I’ve joined a lot of cleaning groups where I have learnt many different cleaning and tidying hacks. Mainly that the answer to every cleaning question is either vinegar or bicarb. I have even cleaned my oven using a dishwasher tablet (a new internet cleaning craze) but have yet to buy ‘the pink stuff’ which apparently also cleans everything under the sun. I am, however, now the proud owner of a bottle of Zoflora.

But my favourite Facebook group at the moment is the ‘Turkish Wives Masterchef’. I didn’t realise when I first joined that the group was set up for the foreign wives of Turkish men. In the beginning I totally felt like a fraud – like an adult in a children’s class, clearly out of place- but it is such a lovely group run by a lovely group of ladies. Here, I have been learning so much. If you want to master the art of Turkish cooking, you do need a support network, you do need to have someone to ask for advice, and if you join this group there’s always someone around who can answer. So you can find me and many other successful and wannabe successful Turkish cooks here. There’s also a weekly challenge that you can participate in too.

So where are the recipes to all these new delicious dishes that you have learnt to cook I hear you ask – I promise to share them with you soon!

Kalin saglicakla – Stay well x

One thought on “Ramblings of a Turkish Housewife

  1. Christa @ Exploring The Turkish Kitchen says:

    Same, same and same…. Although my garden leaves a lot to be desired too haha.

    Twm is a super supportive group your right. I love it.

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