Rus Salatasi

Not sure what the name of this salad might be in English, but in Turkish it is Russian Salad. I myself am slightly addicted to this salad and when I make it I can’t stop eating it. It must be the gherkins, they really must have something in them that makes people crave them. I generally do not like gherkins, and even pick them out of my burgers, but in this I love them. I understand why pregnant women crave them. When I am having a low carb day I can eat this without feeling guilty. It’s also a great side dish to serve to your guests. In Turkey they eat this as a jacket potato topping too.

In a bowl add equal amounts of cooked and diced carrots and potatoes, peas and chopped gherkins.

For the dressing add equal amounts of yoghurt and mayonnaise.

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