Always a New Parent

When you become a parent, everything is new… forever. Whatever stage you are at in the parenting game is a new stage. It doesn’t just end with having another child, you then become the new parent of two children and that is something new that you have never experienced before. So I would go as far as to say that every parent is a new parent, having to work out how to get through the next new stage of parenting. Even if you were to have 10 children, it would be the first time that you had a 10th child and you’d have to deal with all the new situations associated with that. Things like, how child number 9 will feel not being the baby anymore and how child number 1 will feel having yet another new sibling.

I have three children and sometimes people look at me and think that I am an ‘experienced’ mother. I would argue that no one really is. I, like everyone else, don’t really know what I am doing. We just hope that we are getting it right, and because everything we do is new to us we sometimes make mistakes (and even if there was such a thing as an experienced parent, how many times would a person have to go through the same situations to become one?). Even when you have families of a similar constitution and age ranges, these families are still different and what works for one family may not work for another. Children will have different personalities and different needs. No two families are the same.

For us, we are entering a new stage. I am now the parent of two teenage girls. I am now the parent of two teenage girls! The thought is so new to me and so overwhelming sometimes. The whole parenting game is about to change, but no one has taught me the rules of this new game.