How to Make Ganache

I made a chocolate ganache today and it was so simple that I couldn’t believe it!

It also tastes so nice!

Basically ganache is made by adding chocolate to heated cream, mixed, then refrigerated. It really is that simple. Today I used 1 part cream to 2 parts chocolate and ended up with a thick ganache. I used dark chocolate which had my lot all complaining, but I liked it. You are also supposed to add some butter, but I didn’t and it still worked out well. I’m really excited because now that I know how to make a basic ganache I can vary it in so many different ways.

For example you could use really dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit to make it healthier.

I was thinking that it would also have a lot of health benefits if you were to use chestnut puree.

How delicious it could be with hazelnut puree….!

Vary the chocolate for different flavours.

Vary the consistency for different uses. Thick for a pudding, creamy for a cake topping or ice-cream sauce.

The possibilities seem endless!

This was definitely a housewife win for me today.