Healthy BMI!

I got on the scales this morning, and do you know what they said? Healthy BMI!!!

I am happy to tell you that I am now at a healthy weight for my height. It took me a year to get here (I literally did start in January, so not all new year’s resolutions are doomed to fail). I started the year trying to eat healthier and cutting down calories. I was exercising more, I’d even tried running for a while but that didn’t take with me. This style of dieting worked, until it didn’t. There was a good few months where I was making no progress. So last week I took dieting to a new level and cut out the carbs as much as I could (when you really start to look into this you find that carbs are in almost everything). I combined this with intermittent fasting, which I was already used to from before and bam- it worked! Hello healthy BMI 🙂 Hello new healthier me. I hope to lose a little more and hopefully I can now focus on toning up a bit and building some muscle. I feel like I am now equipped with all the knowledge I need to stay at a healthy weight. When I go grocery shopping these days I no longer look at the calorie content anymore, I look at they amount of sugar and carbohydrates instead, and while I am not soaking my meals in fat, I am a lot more comfortable adding oils to my cooking, particularly if I know that they are the healthier versions like olive oil.

Anyway I really must go now, housework is waiting for me, at least I will be able to do that today with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Stay healthy 🙂