Kisir is basically a bulgur salad. I do not know anyone who doesn’t like a kisir. It can be made in many different ways, and I personally love them all. This is my take on kisir.


Place your bulgur in a bowl and cover with hot boiled water. Use the smallest grains of bulgur that you can find.

In a small pan add some oil (olive oil if you want to keep it healthy) and a generous spoon of salca (spicy red pepper paste).  Heat for a minute or so whilst giving it a good mix. Just don’t let the salca burn.

Once your bulgur has absorbed the hot water, add the oil and salca mixture. Give the bulgur a good mix, changing the colour to orange.

Your bulgur is ready!

Add salad!

A kisir is not a kisir without chopped parsley and green (salad) onions.

I would also add chopped dill – because I love the smell and taste.

As for the rest of the ingredients, that is up to you. I usually have a bag of mixed salad that I chop and add.

Warning – do not add the salad until the bulgur has cooled down.


Lemon juice


Optional: Nar eksisi (pomegranate molasses)

You are aiming for a spicy and lemony salad. Go as spicy as you dare. I love kisir as it is healthy and delicious and everyone loves it.