Welcome to Confessions of Turkish housewife

This is my first ever blog!

It’s not going to be great as my head is all over the place this morning. I have been trying to work out all this blogging malarkey on my own, well with a little help from google. I recently self published my first book on kindle (go me!) and of course no one has read it yet, and of course no one will because I can’t bring myself to tell anyone about it. I also paid money to be able to do this. That was very risky and I have yet to tell anyone about that too..

Anyway hi to anyone who has managed to stumble across this blog of mine. My name is Ela Aydin and I am (well done if you’ve guessed it) a Turkish housewife. In that I mean that I am of Turkish origin, but I don’t actually live in Turkey. I never have and probably never will in all honesty. I am also a housewife. Yay me. I live in London with my husband and three children.

On this blog of mine I hope to share with you all my housewifing tips. Not that I am necessarily any good at what I do. In fact I will probably share more of my fails than anything. You may well be able to learn from my mistakes if nothing else.

Now is probably a good time to start my blog as I have just recovered from the flu and have been resting mostly for this past week. Which means that my house is a complete mess right now. It’s pretty bad I’ll admit and I, for some reason am here writing this when I should really be getting on with the housework. It’s all good though, having a break now and then is what keeps me sane. The guilt of having spent all morning working on this blog will have me up and cleaning in no time at all I suspect.

So bear with me dear reader,while I work through this minefield of blogging and digital writing. The website won’t be fully developed for a while yet but I really must leave it now and get on with my actual day job.

So my first tip for any of you who are procrastinating right now instead of doing what you are supposed to be doing is to get a move on! Get up, get cleaning and whatever you do – don’t start blogging!

Lots of Love