Rus Salatasi

Not sure what the name of this salad might be in English, but in Turkish it is Russian Salad. I myself am slightly addicted to this salad and when I make it I can’t stop eating it. It must be the gherkins, they really must have something in them that makes people crave them. I generally do not like gherkins, and even pick them out of my burgers, but in this I love them. I understand why pregnant women crave them. When I am having a low carb day I can eat this without feeling guilty. It’s also a great side dish to serve to your guests. In Turkey they eat this as a jacket potato topping too.

In a bowl add equal amounts of cooked and diced carrots and potatoes, peas and chopped gherkins.

For the dressing add equal amounts of yoghurt and mayonnaise.

Saturday Morning Turkish Breakfast

Good Morning from a sunny but freezing cold London. I wanted to share with you my lovely Turkish breakfast this morning. We like to have a proper Turkish breakfast at the weekends.

Sucuk (spicy garlic sausage) in tomato sauce, boiled egg and salad. The brilliant thing about this breakfast is that it is delicious so we can eat it as a whole family and I can skip the carbs if I am watching my weight. This morning I had the smallest piece of toasted granary bread with mine. You could add olives or a little bit of cheese to this or vary the salad to your liking.



Leave a comment if you have any questions, or let me know how you would vary your own Turkish breakfast.