Red Lentil Soup – Mercimek Corbasi

There is only one person in the world I know who doesn’t like a red lentil soup and that is my daughter. I’m not sure where I went wrong there. They say that for a child to learn to eat something new they need to try it about 17 times, my daughter has tried it about a million times and it is still a no from her. I guess there are some exceptions to this rule.

So sticking to my healthy meals regime – this is a very very simple and healthy meal idea. It’s so healthy and so simple that I think everyone should be able to make and eat this. I am going to give you two options here, mega simple and slightly harder.


Red Lentil Soup/Mercimek corbasi – simple

In a pan add a spoon of butter and melt with a spoon of salca (red pepper paste).

Add water, red lentils, a stock cube and cook till the lentils are soft.

And that’s it – done!

When we were little my mum never blitzed our soup, so when I first got married I never did either. Then one day my husband said that it would be so much nicer if I did. So for many years I would blitz it. After a while husband then declared he missed the old version! So in the Aydin household we sometimes blend our soup – and sometimes don’t.

You can also add as much veg as you like to this soup too – I usually grate a carrot in too – just to up my children’s veg intake.  I recommend blitzing when hiding veg.


Version 2 – Ezogelin Corbasi/Spicy Red Lentil Soup

I don’t know who Ezogelin was but I’m sure she was a darned good housewife. She did this to her Mercimek Corbasi:

Saute 1 grated onion in a spoon of butter, add a couple of cloves of grated garlic, spoon of salca, mint, salt.

Then add your water, lentils and a hand full or rice and/or bulgur and cook till all is soft.

Ezogelin is  a legend.








Yes I will admit that this is a terrible photo, but I am no Instagram queen. Also I have yet to buy some pretty plates!