Thank a Housewife Day

Everyone knows that it is a thankless job being a housewife. No one ever notices if the house is clean or if dinner has been made. They do however notice when things have not been done. Even your children think that they have a right to moan if you suddenly stop doing something that they are used to.

“Mum, why have you not cooked today?!”

Having said that my children think that they have the right to moan just because they don’t like the dinner. I don’t know why I feel the need to explain to them when they do – ‘we need to eat healthy food sometimes too!’ ‘We need to eat carrots to look after our eyes…’ ‘Why have I added garlic? Because it’s good for your heart.’ ‘We need the vitamins’. ‘Why can’t you eat more biscuits? Because sugar is bad for your health…’

Hey kids, how about a thank you? And I don’t mean just once a year on mothers day either.

In Turkey they have an excellent way of thanking someone who has cooked a meal. They say ‘eline saglik’. Which literally means ‘health to your hands’. We are quite good at thanking our hosts when we are guests, but not so good at thanking someone who cooks for us all the time. I’m guilty of this too (sorry mum).

And just so you know, it is NEVER ok to ask a housewife, ‘What have you been doing all day?’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chances are they have been doing a whole lot more than what you can physically see. They have been doing jobs that you never even knew even existed.

And personally, even if I have done nothing but sleep all day, I have survived another day at home without losing my mind and for that I deserve a medal.

So please occasionally notice and thank a housewife for their hard work, it might just make their day.

And if you have managed to read this far ‘gozlerine saglik’ – health to your eyes!



I googled Turkish Housewife to see if my website would come up and found this:

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At (and read the comments too)

Turns out I am not the only one who struggles sometimes.